Pelican Parlor is a locally owned and operated ice cream shop!  Pelican Parlor was established by Chris and Shannon Cullen in 2015 and is located in Breezy Point Minnesota.  In addition to ice cream, Pelican Parlor serves up great food, amazing deals, and a family friendly atmosphere!  There is something on the menu for everyone. Pelican Parlor uses top shelf hard serve and soft serve ice cream, from local vendors. Pelican Parlor has a Flavor Burst machine that infuses flavored syrups into the high quality vanilla soft serve ice cream. Come in and try a local favorite, our vanilla soft serve with Blue Goo Cotton Candy flavor!  You will find your favorite - and remember calories do not count at Pelican Parlor! 

One visit to Pelican Parlor and you will be hooked!  Add Pelican Parlor to your vacation experience, or make it a lunch break stop!  The staff at Pelican Parlor will always greet you with a smile and Minnesota Nice!

Quality. Kindness. Customer Appreciation

Walking Tacos

Soft Shell Tacos

Taco Salads

Taco Burgers


Hot Dogs

Chilli Dogs

$5.00 Meal Deals

Soft Serve & Hard Serve Ice Cream Treats!

Pelican Parlor in Breezy Point, MN